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Quotable Quotes

"A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom."
Robert Frost

"He who has never made a mistake never made a discovery."
Samuel Smiles

"When you are skating on thin ice, you may as well tap-dance."
Bryce Courtenay

"I am only one. But still, I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do."
Edward Everett Hale

"Man is man because he is free to operate within the framework of his destiny. He is free to deliberate, to make decisions, and to choose between alternatives. He is distinguished from animals by his freedom to do evil or to do good and to walk the high road of beauty or tread the low road of ugly degeneracy."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Cowardice asks the question, "is it safe?" Experience asks the question, "is it political?" Vanity as, "is is popular?" But conscience asks the question, "is it right?" There comes a time when one must take a position that's neither safe, nor popular, but he must make it because his conscience tells him that it's right."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Imitation is suicide."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Six essential qualities that are the key to success: Sincerity, personal integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom, charity."
Dr. William Menninger

"An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves."
Bill Vaughan

"Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society. The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute."
Gil Stern

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